I am Saurabh.

I am a marketeer by profession and a struggling writer by passion. I am from Delhi but live in Mumbai. I have lived in Mumbai New Delhi and Chennai in past and have travelled to 56 cities as on last count. I plan to visit 1000+ cities eventually.

In past, apart from working for Gravity Entertainment, Creativeland Asia and GE Money India, I started and shut down Cyntax with Kunal.

I went to MDI, Gurgaon and Delhi University for my post-graduation and bachelors respectively. Of course learning is an ongoing process and it continues till date.

When I am not working, I read, write, ride sgElectra, travel, indulge in a million other things and cook up various projects (most remain unfinished to be honest). Apart from writing on my personal blog, I occasionally contribute to other blogs as well. Other things on my bucket list include a bike ride and writing a travel book.

Best way to reach me is by email. I am also on twitter, facebook and linkedin.

Thank you for your time.

P.S.: A very dear friend handcrafted the super awesome SG logo that you see on this page
P.P.S.: This page is still under active development. If something is broken, request you to please bear with it.